Sunday, November 13, 2011

weekend play: boho shirt

Hi everybody! I hope your weekend was fun. For me, It was very rewarding to film my second video. I still have lots to learn about handling the camera and I hope to improve little by little!

The video was about styling a loose boho shirt. I did this because when I first bought it, I had hoped someone had shown me how to pair this piece. Years, Vogues, Runways later, I finally found a chic casual way to wear it with a very feminine aura.

Clothes used :

Style 1:

top : Charlotte Russe
bottom: Abercrombie (also you can use white or olive shorts!)
shoes: Leather boots, boutique in argentina.
ring: thrift store
handbag: Ruel 925

Style 2:

skirt: Zara

Style 3:

blazer: Zara
bottom : Rapsodia  jeans
optional shoes: pumps
handbag: Coach

Have a great week!


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